February 12th, 2012
02:22 PM ET

Ali Velshi, Vivek Wadhwa, and Peter Diamandis discuss how innovations made by small business and entrepreneurs will be key to economic recovery in the United States.

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  • I watched this on the Internet, not on a B&W TV.  Manufacturing is extremely important to our growth part of our decline is because people decided that there are segments of the economy we should sacrifice.  That thinking is absurd.  

    R&D is also important, but the jobs don’t come directly from this R&D rather indirectly.  NASA innovations spurred billions in private sector products and services.  There are cases where government spending drove private sector growth.  It was academia who pushed the Internet forward.I agree with your premise that we would be better off giving 1/2 million to hundreds of companies than 1/2 billion to one company.  I don’t think it matters who the money went to, even if we invented a more efficient solar panel because of our poorly written trade laws and the doctrine of free trade the actual manufacturing still would not occur in this country.We need a diverse economy.  You’ve been at way too many Silicon Valley functions and are so detached from reality.  Silicon Valley is not creating growth in jobs in this country.  If anything, because of offshoring and productivity gains that we get from using innovations out of Silicon Valley, it is a destroyer of jobs.  Bottom line is that free trade with countries who don’t play by the rules is not possible.  Cheating is rewarded.  Our protections of the environment, child labor laws, worker rights laws – all of the good things we do put us at a competitive disadvantage with India and China.  As a citizen of this country, you should be loyal to this nation.  I read one of your tweets where you called Ron Hira disloyal to Indian people.  This isn’t India.  This is the USA and Hira is a second generation American.  Who’s team are you on?  I think your actions are a betrayal of your American citizenship.  The USCIS must be smoking something by giving you an award.  India should be giving you an award for assisting the offshoring industry and pimping their new smart devices.  Seriously, what are you doing to benefit this country?  Your loyalties are clearly divided and I’m calling you on it.  I mean, how many offshoring conventions in India did you attend last year?  I take that back.  Your loyalties aren’t divided.  You’re 100% loyal to India.  If they named an award after Benedict Arnold, I nominate you for that one.

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