June 3 (Bloomberg) –Stanford University Fellow Vivek Wadhwa discusses the Silicon Valley gender gap on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

With Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker

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  • The sad thing is males like you who are in denial that there is a problem. Do you have a sister or daughter? If you do, you surely care about their future. You surely don’t want them being discriminated against and marginalized.

  • Andrew Bernstein

    Hi Vivek Wadhwa,

    I want to know. Are you a self-hating Indian?

    You constantly whine and nag about diversity in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has a huge amount of minorities – they are mainly Indian.

    Do you want to discount the hard work and perseverance of Indian Americans? It sure seems like it. Indians are not whites, they are not considered as such by a majority of the American population, so stop trying to claim the Silicon Valley has a diversity problem.

    • Do you have a sister or daughter? If you do, you surely care about their future. You surely don’t want them being discriminated against, marginalized, or left out.

      • Andrew Bernstein

        Vivek, you didn’t answer my question, and to be fair its more of a question of your entire life philosophy and work, not a response to this half baked blog post.

        You consistently talk about minorities in Silicon Valley and forgot that Indians, Middle Easterners and Asians are minorities who have had tremendous success there. Why discount their success and say there are no “minorities” in Silicon Valley, or diversity?

        I guess its not a “good” kind of diversity that much of America appreciates. You seemed to have joined the majority American view on this, thats why I ask – are you a self hating Indian?

        • Sadly, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian women are left out too. We need to include everyone—not just the boys. And that includes African Americans and Latinos.

          • Andrew Bernstein

            African Americans, Latinos and women have the same opportunities that Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian men have in modern America. They also have scholarships and other enticements that the former groups don’t have.

            I know many middle aged Indian males that were born in India have a hard time understanding this as they grew up in an IIT environment, but most American women dislike IT and consider it nerdy. They also look down on it. Why force the industry to include people who have no interest it?

            Maybe I should make this simpler for you, do you think Indians, Middle Easterners and Asians are minorities? If so, then Silicon Valley is flush with minorities. I think you and your allies should be clear that you think the diversity in Silicon Valley is the WRONG kind according to your camp. You want a different kind of diversity, which makes me wonder

          • They are overrepresented in the tech industry—so they are not a minority any more. Silicon Valley should be gender, race, and color blind. That is what will help it reach greater heights.

          • Andrew Bernstein

            African Americans are over represented in the NBA and NFL, why aren’t there scholarships and people clamoring for Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian men to be more represented?

            Please don’t mention that these groups aren’t interested in those sports, because thats the same argument I just made and you disregarded it.

          • I hope you have a daughter one day and she teaches you.