Life and Success Require Constant Reinvention

I still remember the first time I heard about computers. They were straight out of science fiction. I began to dream about working with them. Then I got my big chance. I enrolled in one of the first courses in computer technology at what…


Tesla’s success is a victory for anyone who loves the environment

When designing the Tesla Model S, Elon Musk wanted an electric motor that had the same horsepower as the most powerful internal combustion engine but with nearly-instantaneous torque. And he wanted it to be the size of a watermelon. Engine manufacturers told him this…


Washington Post: The future of work is rich in technology and drawbacks

We check e-mail as soon as we reach home, and sneak a peek at our inboxes along the way. We respond to calls, texts, and messages even while on vacation. At work, we use Cisco Telepresence or Skype to confer with colleagues all over the world….

Chinese researchers

LinkedIn: Chinese Can Innovate–But China Can’t

The Economist asked me to comment on a debate about whether China can innovate. Here is my response. Feel free to weigh in below and vote on Economist’s website. China produces more than a million engineering graduates a year—which is seven times as many as America. It…


VentureBeat: Twitter unrepentant about being a boys club (Silicon Valley doesn’t seem to care either)

Twitter proved this week a point that I have long been making: that Silicon Valley is a boys club — a fraternity of the worst kind — stacking the deck against women, overlooking blacks and Hispanics, and providing unfair advantage to an elite connected few…

Rajastani girls using Aakash

Times of India: Affordable tablets will give the poor a voice

Watching the news from India, one could easily conclude that the country has become more corrupt and that its men have become more violent. Sadly, corruption and abuse of women aren’t new to India. Corruption is a legacy of the British Raj. Women all…

Steve Ballmer

Washington Post: Microsoft’s best hope after Ballmer? A breakup.

During its monopoly days, Microsoft was the tech industry’s greatest magnet for talent. It was able to hire the best of the best. Many of those geniuses are still with the company. My former students and friends who work at Microsoft tell me that…


A Lesson From Chile

Alfredo Zolezzi, of Advanced Innovation Center in Chile, had spent the early part of his career creating products for the oil industry. He had achieved great success as an entrepreneur by developing technology that enhanced the recovery of oil from abandoned oil wells using…

wadhwa wsj

Wall Street Journal: Corruption in Business and the Importance of Ethics

I once needed to negotiate an important deal with potential significance for my products. An official at the company I was dealing with demanded that I give his spouse stock in my firm in return for his support. A stock gift could have led…


TIME Tech 40: The Most Influential Minds in Tech

Vivek Wadhwa, Singularity University By Sam Gustin @samgustin Vivek Wadhwa has become a leading voice in debates over technology policy, particularly with respect to entrepreneurship, innovation and immigration. Wadhwa holds academic appointments at Singularity University, Stanford University, and Duke University, and last year was named to Foreign Policy magazine’s list of the…

Tarun at Economist

How To Go From Being a Disaster—To a Great Speaker

When I saw my son Tarun forget his lines and freeze up on the big stage at the 2011 Economist Ideas Economy: Information Summit, my heart sank. I wanted to rush up and give him a big hug and say “it’s okay son, it wasn’t…


Washington Post: Not happy at your job? Your company is paying for it in innovation potential.

A Nov. 2011 paper from European Union-backed academic institution evoREG makes the case that happiness is both integral to the innovation process and oddly enough simultaneously misunderstood. The authors find happiness to be both an input factor as well as an output factor of the innovation process. In other…