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Autocratic leaders

Democracy is a great thing, except in the workplace

“The Soviet Union I left behind was a dictatorship but the workplace was a democracy; America may be free...

HAWTHORNE  CA - OCTOBER 09: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, unveils the dual engine chassis of the new Tesla 'D' model at the Hawthorne Airport October 09, 2014 in Hawthorne, California. The 'D' is the faster  and all-wheel-drive version of the Model S electric sedan, capable of accelerating to 60 miles per hour in just over 3 seconds. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

FORTUNE: It’s Right to Idolize the Entrepreneurs Striving to Make the World a Better Place

Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes may have misguided the public, but real innovators do exist. Editor’s: The following post is a...

Peter Thiel

The chilling effect Peter Thiel’s battle with Gawker could have on Silicon Valley journalism

Gawker infringes on privacy and publishes tabloid-like stories that damage reputations. It is one of the most sensationalist and objectionable...


Theranos teaches Silicon Valley a hard lesson about accountability

By Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld and Vivek Wadhwa The Theranos saga hit another low last week when the company informed regulators that it was...


Trump’s demand that Apple must make iPhones in the U.S. actually isn’t that crazy

Donald Trump has promised that “we’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this...


How crowdfunding can help save Silicon Valley from its harebrained investors

There are fears that another Ice Age is about to hit Silicon Valley because of the implosion of its unicorns —...


Why Tesla is the spark that Apple needs

Apple’s dismal earnings announcement shows why it badly needs to rethink its innovation model and leadership. Its last breakthrough innovation was...


How open science can help solve Zika and prepare us for the next pandemic

With the advent of synthetic biology and gene editing tools, there are amazing breakthroughs being made in medicine, energy...