Education, Entrepreneurship and Immigration: America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part II

Immigrants who are most likely to start engineering and technology businesses – from India, the UK, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Germany – are better educated than their native-born counterparts. We found 96 percent of all immigrant entrepreneurs involved in engineering and technology have completed a bachelor’s degree, and 74 percent hold master’s or PhD degrees. The great majority (75 percent) of their highest degrees are in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related fields.

Immigrant founders were educated in a diverse set of universities in their home countries and across the United States.Those who received their undergraduate degrees in India or China graduated from a diverse assortment of institutions. Even the famed Indian Institutes of Technology educated only 15 percent of Indian company founders. More than half of the foreign-born founders of U.S. technology and engineering businesses initially came to the United States to study. Very few came with the sole purpose of starting a company.