I discuss advances that are happening in technology that are making it possible to solve humanity’s grand challenges and present a vision for a future that entrepreneurs can make happen.


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Innovation in Mind at a glance

Innovation in Mind attracts Nobel prize winners and computer game gurus. Razor-sharp scientists and dazzling practitioners. Self-made entrepreneurs are mixed in with people working in various cultural fields and people from business and finance. Here you will find today’s and tomorrow’s innovators. After nearly five years, Innovation in Mind is an established meetingplace in the intersection between science, enterprise, culture and the public sector. Here, in the borderland between ideas, fields of knowledge and ambitions, new constellations and new opportunities emerge.

INNOVATION IN MIND 2013 had What’s Next as its theme, and focused on such things as how the international map of innovation is being redrawn in ways that affect all of us. We will gain insights into new ways of thinking and kinds of organization, and how the challenges to innovation can be met under widely different conditions.

There are many good reasons to follow Innovation in Mind via the Web and newsletters — and to make your way to Lund for the next issue of Innovation in Mind, September 2014.

Original Video Source | in Lund University